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A Bit About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at Voicing Youth, we see the value in the future progeny– the youth. Voicing Youth is a student-led non-profit initiative which works towards educating and empowering the privileged youth of challenges and how to face them as well as the underprivileged youth to receive quality education. 

Providing education-related resources and hosting mini sessions pertaining to an integral cause has become the need of the hour in order to educate children. Voicing Youth aims to do exactly that– to break all the hindrances that arise in order for a child, without any discrimination, to receive proper education. 

When it comes to us teenagers, we are loaded with opportunities but sometimes not all of us know how to make the most of them. Sometimes we don't know when to voice ourselves or react to our circumstances since we don't know enough about what to do about it. Voicing Youth stands for the power of the Youth. We the youth can do a lot about it, so we WILL. 

Educate. Empower. Evolve.

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