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At Voicing Youth, our top priority is to bring about change, and we know that our little steps depend on our campaigns and partnerships. Learn more about our work!

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Old Book and Stationery Donation Drive

We often hear people speaking about how wonderful it feels to give back but the true essence of that feeling is your own experience. Therefore, Voicing Youth had officially announced to be the helping hand for those who are willing to study, but cannot. With your support, we collected more than 2000 books and 100 stationery resources for our Old Book and Stationery donation drive, using 100% recyclable bags and NO plastic!
Remember no amount is small. 

On this project, along with setting up drop-boxes at 11 locations, we also set up boxes at 2 schools– South City International School, Kolkata and Sushila Birla Girls' School, Kolkata– in collaboration with them.

We donated all these educational items to NGOs like Gyan Deepak Foundation, Hope Foundation Kolkata, Loretto Homes, Ashrams, and the Ektara Foundation. 


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Adway: Voicing Youth x Aan

Project Leads: Vidya Bhartia & Laksshha Khanna

Adway was an open mic event where Voicing Youth joined hands with Aan by Sumiran. This event was an awareness-oriented session to remind the youth to stay connected to their mother tongue. Hindi isn't a language to be ashamed of, rather it should be a matter of pride to be able to speak it. In this event, participants recited poems, read out essays, and even gave speeches in Hindi. 

It is of utmost importance that India's youth become familiar with the hindi language because many jobs are being outsourced to India, India has become one of the most popular destination for tourists and Indian economy is boosting like never before and as per confidential reports, India is likely to be one of world's superpower in the coming years, and as it does, the Indian culture will spread to each and every corner of the world, and in a scenario as such as this, it is of utmost importance, India's youth become popular with Hindi. 
We understand the future scenario and yet again, had come up with an initiative to help the unprivileged youths to understand the importance of learning Hindi.

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Harvard Act2Impact Award– 2021

Act2Impact at Harvard is a platform for students to advocate on issues they care about, identify solutions and work within their own means to bring about change in their immediate communities. As part of this, the #Act2Impact Initiative, now called the HMUN India Impact Initiative, was launched at the 2018 HMUN conference. Our founder, Tavishi Bagaria, being one of the finalists, received the Second-Place Award for our work here at Voicing Youth. We congratulate the entire team for all the support <3

Projects: Video
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